Friday, July 23, 2010

Spring classes at ARTBOX in Blinco street, Fremantle

Cheak out the updated post ( First posted in April.. and now updated for the coming spring sewing season...)
Have a spring clean, clear out the wardrobe, and bring along some of those outdated clothes for an update at the refashioning workshop. I will show you how to reconstruct your old clothes into something completly new and awsome :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

back again, and time for an update..

Well, things are rocking along in little old Fremantle.

I am gearing up to take part in a few great events around town.

"Feast your eyes" is happening again ( I am one of the featured artists :) ).. this time at the supurb Fremantle Art Centre on the 4th September from 6pm - 10 pm. Get your tickets early from

Cheak out the website for more info on the event and whos who..

Also, The Hulbert Street Feista is on again in South fremantle on the 18th and 19th of September. I will be there on the remake balcony, helping those in need of some practical sewing guidence to realise there creative vision...

In the spirit of reusing and recycling, I ran a few workshops in the school holidays that used small offcuts of fabric and Cassette tape covers sourced from the wonderful recycling and education centre " REmida".

A good number of giggling girls turned up to make floral headbands at "ARTBOX" On Blinco Street, and " Cassette tape " books ( Little books that fitted into Cassette tape covers) were made by the kids in the the bookbinding workshop at "Red Feathers and a Hula skirt" in Marmion Street.