Thursday, April 15, 2010

babies pixie hat tutorial

This morning I whipped up a hat. It is a babies size, and remings me of a pixie, hence I have called it the pixie hat for a bub (unimaginative I know..)

So, Heres the step by step in photos for you to follow and make one of your own.. well, one for a baby that is!

SO... heres what you will need:

Your babies head size, measured just above the ears

30 cm length of fabric
25 cm length of lining fabric
10 cm length of interfacing
20 cm length of 1cm wide elastic


A piece of paper to draw the pattern on to
A pen
A calculator if your maths is as bad as mine..
A set square

  1. Draw a horizontal line across the bottom of the page and mark 1/6th the measurement of your babies head circumference + 1 cm extra for ease
  • find the centre point on this line, and draw a vertical line coming up from the centre, as high as you want the hat. I did mine 8 "
  • draw 1 cm seam allowances on the side edges, and 1.5 on the bottom edge, curving the bottom edge below the straight line.
  • Draw a front and back brim, according to the size and shape you find pleasing, with seam allowances added ( 1 cm ). My measurements can be seen on the photo below, and I have drawn half patterns to sit on the fold of the fabric to keep the shape identical on either side.
  • You will then have 3 pattern pieces.
  • You will now cut the main triangle piece 6 x lining, 6 times fabric, and the 2 brims in fabric only ( not lining) 2 times each on the fold.
  • Cut 1 piece of interfacing for each brim, and make 1 cm smaller on the outer edges, so you dont have bulky seams, and iron on to one side of the brim.
  • Sew brims together on outer edge with a 1 cm seam allowance, and notch curves
  • Trim one edge of the brim back to 5mm
  • Turn through so the right side of fabric shows. Top stich if you desire.
  • Sew 6 x fabric triangles together, and six x lining ( leaving a gap in the lining to pull hat through later.)
  • sew across the top of hat at the peak, and trim back
  • Iron all seams flat, and attach brims to the fabric side of hat, with the centre front and centre back point of brim matching the centre front and centre back of hat.
  • Sew all the way around with 5 mm seam. Sew with the seams facing you ( brim on the machine bed), so you can lay the seams flat as you go.
  • Sew lining to hat with a 1.5 cm seam allowance, again keeping the seams of lining facing you, so you can keep the seams flat.
  • turn hat through the hole in lining.
  • sew a channal big enough to thread elastic through on one brim edge, and then thread the elastic through, using a safty pin.
  • try the hat on baby, and if the elastic is firm, but not tight, sew up in the seam to secure the elastic
  • Sew up the inside gap with an invisible stitch
  • now you are done, Pat yourself on the back and have a nice cup of tea! :)

This is the finished hat. You can also turn the top down, and stich, or decotate with a big button , bell, or some ribbons. Have fun with it..

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